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Dr. Rasmus discusses his latest blog piece, ‘What Lies Ahead’ (see jackrasmus.com). The 8 factors that intermediate to long term may mean the current Great Recession experiences a major economic relapse, and W Shape trajectory in the next 6 to 18 months. More permanent 2nd jobless wave, weak Heroes Act fiscal stimulus next week, wave of unemployment benefits loss and rent evictions, child care and education system crisis, state & local government defaults, (and muni market crash), permanent transformation of industries, return to austerity in 2021 by politicians, business and government defaults, bankruptcies and financial instability, and US political instability are candidates for pushing the US (and global) economy. Also discussed are this past week’s Banks putting away tens of billions more of emergency cash as hedge against defaults coming. Today’s show and article are a sequel to last week’s short term look (3 mos) why the current June economic rebound will falter. See both articles on jackrasmus.com.

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