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Dr. Rasmus reviews today’s preliminary 2nd Quarter US GDP stats compared to 1st Quarter’s.  Why Housing, manufacturing, investment are now all weakening & consumer spending increasingly dependent on credit. IMF’s latest global forecasts and why Draghi’s pre-announcement of Euro central bank returning in September to lower rates and more QE are doomed to fail. Brexit this fall, now a certainty, to push Europe into recession already approaching. IMF shows slowing economies in Middle East (0.6%-1% GDP), Latin America’s big three economies, So. Korea, Singapore, ANZ, with Japan slowing, and China growth more like 4% than its official 6.2%. Last 20 minutes of show analyzes Dem. Party leadership failures, revealed most recently with latest House testimony of Mueller. Chronic DP leader failures from Carter, Clinton, Obama, Hillary, now continuing under Pelosi-Shumer. Why Democracy in America is slipping away. Why Republican strategy from Gingrich (1994) to McConnell (2010-16) to Trump has been succeeding. Why 2020s America may look more like 1850s.

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