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 Dr. Rasmus reviews the condition of the Europe and US economies, now rapidly slowing this past month, and recent announcements by central bank chairs, Powell and Draghi, to lower rates and inject more free money into the system. New bubble levels in stocks, bonds, gold, bitcoin responding.  The question of reliability of stats for GDP (India) and US are revisited. Recent surveys by Bankrate and Payscale indicate significant rise in part time and 2nd jobs last year and that wages shrunk by -0.8%, not rose by 3.2%, this past year. (And have fallen by 9% since 2006).  What’s behind Facebooks’ entry into the global payments market and shadow banking by its ‘Libra’ digital token. The regulatory reaction coming. Congress’s $983 billion spending bill. Why military spending is more than $1 trillion a year, and not just $733 billion for Pentagon. Latest on the Trump tax cuts for multinational corporations. How the F500 alone just saved $219b by repatriation of offshore profits. The show concludes with analysis of Fed chair, Powell’s, press conference this past week. (Next week: the G20 meeting and Trump-Xi on trade war continuing or not).

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