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The past week’s momentous decisions by the US (Fed) and European Central Bank on interest rates is discussed. How last week’s Fed rate hike, and announcement of 4-5 more hikes to come in 2018-19, will destabilize Europe’s economy as well as Emerging Market economies. Discussion of new reports released this past week on precariate jobs in the US, US multinational corporations offshore tax havens, Corporate CEOs fivefold increase in insider stock sales as buybacks accelerate due to Trump tax cuts.  Also reviewed is study released by financial fraud whistle blower, John Griffin, showing that bitcoin price bubble of 2017 was largely manipulated by Asian cryptocurrency exchange, Bitfinex. Rasmus discusses Trump listing of $50b China tariffs today and internal Italian populist government maneuvering with Euro bankers, as Euro economy (and in particular German) economies show signs of further economic slowing of exports and GDP).

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