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 Dr. Rasmus sums up the major economic and political legacies of Trump’s 4 years in office, discussing Trump’s accomplishments on behalf of big corporations, investors and the wealthy 1% and their impact on the rests of us: his $4T tax cuts, gutting deregulation, trade wars, China tech war, intimidation of the Fed & free money, stock market bubbles, funding of military industrial complex, etc.  Political legacies include not only breaching formerly sacrosanct legislative branch (Congress) with recent incitement of mob assault but long list of Trump measures chipping away at US Democracy, stacking the US Supreme Court with ultra conservatives, institutionalizing white nationalism in Republican Party, demonization of immigrants, wrecking prior US imperial relationships with its allies, and de-legitimizing US electoral process for tens of millions of US voters. What next for US economy & political system after Jan. 20?

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