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 It’s a certainty there will October Surprises by the Trump administration. Just what & how many is the question. And whether domestic and/or foreign. Today’s main topic is reasoned speculation on candidates for October Surprise(s). High on the list is a likely military provocation and proxy invasion of Venezuela, also likely tied to Iran shipping. Iran may also qualify as candidate, given Trump’s string of ‘deals’ in the Persian Gulf emirates. Domestically in US surprises around disrupting the mail in ballot voting are possible, and certainly something regarding Covid vaccine—which is hardly revelatory here. The show today also provides detailed updates to the US House-Trump negotiations on a second economic stimulus (actually only the first such). What’s the latest developments. Will it happen before Nov. 3? If not, don’t expect to next spring. Also addressed is an update of the US jobs situation and the now rise in unemployment claims again amid continued announcements of mass job layoffs as large corporations restructure. Finally, the meaning of the Fed’s latest statements and warnings this past week, about ‘forward guidance’ and pleas for fiscal stimulus. (Check out next Monday the release of my latest assessment of Trump’s intent to create a Constitutional Crisis around the Nov. 3 voting in order to stay in office past January 20, 2021).

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