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: Dr. Rasmus reviews Fed chairman Powell’s decision today, as the Jackson Hole, WY meeting of central bankers kicks off. Powell signals in his opening statement a possible earlier ‘taper’ of the Fed’s $120 billion/mo. injection of free money into the banks and investors ($4T since Covid recession began). Why the Fed continues to ‘pre bail out’ investors when they don’t need it (and never have). Rasmus examines Powell’s statement and claims regarding employment gains, inflation, and Covid effects. What’s the real picture re. inflation, employment, and the state of the US and global economies. Early warning signs of slowing US recovery as Asia economies, including China, slip into another recession or stagnate. Why the Fed may not be able to really ‘taper’ without setting off a major global currency crisis. Why are more foreign govts adopting Bitcoin and crypto currencies as a defense against the dollar and why will this destabilize their economies even further in the end.

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