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 Dr. Rasmus dissects & debunks the new billionaires taxes coming out of Democrat Congressional Finance committees. How billionaires like Elon Musk and others will easily avoid paying the tax the way it is being formulated. Why the individual billionaires tax will likely be tied up in courts for years. Rasmus gives a short history of the passage of the Income tax in 1913 and explains why a constitutional amendment will probably be necessary to approve a billionaires tax which is based on wealth accumulation, not income. How billionaires would easily avoid the tax even if approved by the US Supreme Court. The companion proposal in Congress to tax corporations that make $1 billion in profits with an Alternative 15% corporate tax is also debunked. Why the Democrats are raising both new proposals, as they slash the Build Back Better bill and drop real tax hikes previously proposed in order to placate Senators Manchin & Sinema. Rasmus predicts the progressive caucus in the House will soon capitulate to the much reduced $1.5T Build Back Better bill that remains. Concluding the show, US 3rd Quarter GDP data just released in analysed, which shows a significant slowing of the US economy growth for various reasons. (Note: Read Dr. Rasmus’ latest blogpost, “The ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ Billionaires Tax” at his blog, http://jackrasmus.com. )

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