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Dr. Rasmus reviews the growing number of mainstream economists now beginning to predict the current economic crisis, either is now or soon may become, another Great Depression. World Bank and Mellon Bank chief economists, Carmen and Vincent Reinhart’s forthcoming essay in the prestigious Foreign Affairs Journal is reviewed. Rasmus notes how their analysis is similar to points he’s been making since March 2020.  Other views similar by liberal dean of economics, Paul Krugman, who calls today’s crisis ‘The Greater Recession’ and others are noted. Few mainstream economists now call it a V-shape recovery, unlike this past spring. Rasmus then reviews actual GDP contractions world wide in 2020 and why they suggest a ‘great recession’ that is weakening at best in the 3rd quarter. Why the current economy will weaken: more Covid 19 problems, basic restructuring of the economy, coming political instability, and financial crisis potentially in 2021. (check out my articles at jackrasmus.com blog for updates).

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