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Today’s show welcomes two guests from the LCIP, Labor-Community Independent Party, that recently held a founding conference last week. A second in our series discussing formation of independent parties challenging the Democrats and Republicans in the post-2020 elections cycle. Why a 3rd party now? What’s their strategy and tactics? How do they see the political landscape in the USA as it appears increasingly likely that the Democrats cannot stop Trump from stealing the upcoming election by using the Supreme Court to stop the counting of mail in ballots. Are the Democrats ‘finished’ if they don’t win this November? What kind of 3rd party may successfully challenge them after November 2020? Guests welcomed are Maya Schon, member of the editorial board of the LCIP and Connie White, an LCIP organizer. (For Dr. Rasmus’s take on the latest political events and severe political crisis coming Nov. 3 and after, check out his latest article, “A Most Dire Warning”, at his blog, jackrasmus.com)

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