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Dr. Rasmus examines today’s US Jobs report and other reports suggesting US job creation may be mostly 2nd jobs, per Bankrate.com and Payscale.com surveys. How Labor’s share of income has declined -$1.5 trillion a year, while stock buybacks and dividend payouts have risen +$1.5 trillion. The crisis at Germany/Europe’s largest bank, Deutschebank, is discussed and its comparison to the 2008 crash of another investment bank, Lehman Brothers. Why Deutschebank’s current $45 trillion in derivatives contracts poses a major threat to contagion in the next crisis. The case of Europe’s weak banks, non-performing bank loans, and 65% in negative rates. The show concludes with discussion of last week’s Supreme Court decision to allow gerrymandering to continue, as the latest development undermining US democracy.  How the Republican party’s ‘red states’ strategy of recent decades successfully captured the Senate, Courts, & states legislatures. Why the US House of Representatives has not added more seats since 1913, per the US Constitution requirement, further advantaging conservatives in the House. Why Democrat party strategy has failed.

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