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Today’s show analyzes the just release Consumer Price Index inflation for May and reports on the latest developments in the ‘Infrastructure Follies’ phony negotiations going on in Congress and the Biden administration. How ‘smoke & mirror’ offers and counter-offers are steadily reducing the level of infrastructure spending and, in turn, how Biden is cutting out his tax hike proposals in turn (and what tax items are likely next). The second half of the show begins a series of shows on what did 3 noted economists (Keynes, Marx and Adam Smith) actually say—not what the media. Critics, and even economic profession claim they’ve said. What is science and what is ideology in economics, in other words. Today, the show begins with Keynes, continuing next week. How Keynes’ economics is quite different from what is called ‘Keynesian Economics’. Why has much of what Keynes actually said been purged from economics, academic and public, and replaced with what he himself, Keynes, critiqued back in the 1930s? (Subsequent shows will do the same analysis and commentary on Marx’s economics and Smith’s. Be surprised as to what they all actually said.)

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