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 Dr. Rasmus comments briefly on the meaning of the just concluded RNC and DNC political conventions: both high on fear and short on specific proposals for ending America’s ‘Triple Crisis’ (Economy, Covid, Constitutional). The ‘Labor State’ of former and active local union leaders running for offices in local government in the San Francisco Bay Area are then welcomed and discuss their group’s programs, strategy and tactics and why they are running for office. Gaelan Ash, with AFSCME and former UAW, union officer and Lacei Amodei, former Local 2 HERE officer, join Dr. Rasmus to discuss why they are venturing forth into independent politics and not within either wing of the Corporate Party of America (aka Trumpublicans or Democrats). This show is the first of several to interview independent political groups and parties over the next four weeks. Others to come include the Peoples Party, Labor-Community Independent Politics, Green Party and others. Is there a growing momentum in the crisis? What happens if no final result on November 3 for the Trump-Biden confrontation, both as an election and as increasingly violent confrontation in the streets, which seems now inevitable? Is America about to become Wiemar, Germany 1926?

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