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 New US job numbers show big decline to only 75,000 in May. Is the ‘Lagging’ indicator of jobs now catching up with rest of slowing US economy? What’s behind Trump’s threat of new tariffs on Mexico? (Not about trade but election 2020 and Trump raising money for his wall). Who pays? Consumers and workers.  Why are global oil prices retreating again and the consequences? Dr. Rasmus takes a deep look at the Eurozone economy, now doomed to enter recession again soon. Japan also entering recession. China slowing, stocks declining, and bank defaults rising.  Why central banks globally are rushing to lower interest rates in anticipation of US central bank, the Fed, about to do so as well. Will the current long term global bond rate bust spill over to US and other stock markets? The show concludes with comments about Democratic Party leaders’ in the House throwing in the towel to subpoena Barr, McGahn and others, as the US constitutional crisis continues to develop.

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