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Dr. Rasmus reviews the imminent interest rate cuts coming next week by the US central bank, the Fed. Why it’s all about subsidizing financial markets, driving down the value of the US dollar, and protecting US multinational corporations’ offshore profits. Why other central banks are now following in step. The consequences in negative rates worldwide and their effect. How Fed policy is tied into Trump trade war with China. The latest on US-China trade negotiations and why no deal this year. Discussion shifts to the crisis created by US big pharma. Why 68,000 pharma caused deaths last year, 47,000 from prescribed opioids. Why Trump backed off from even tepid proposals last week. As deaths mount (a Vietnam War every year), big pharma continues to raise prices. Latest casualty: insulin and diabetics. How pharma raises prices. A proposed solution. Show concludes with brief comments on Amazon’s plan to pay for re-education of its warehouse workers and how Trump is proposing still more tax cuts for investors bypassing Congress.

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