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 Dr. Rasmus describes this past week’s latest maneuvers within the Democratic party with regard to the Infrastructure, Reconciliation & Debt Ceiling bills. Pelosi’s reneging on agreements with the party’s progressives this past week and what it means. Rasmus explains the evolution of Progressives’ positions since last March, agreements made this past July, and why Pelosi has decided on separate votes for Infrastructure and Reconciliation bills. Why the debt ceiling, passed yesterday, was never an issue and why the US can never default on its bonds. The party’s corporate wing strategy to pass Infrastructure and slash Reconciliation. Manchin’s ‘secret memo’ of July and positions. Likely scenarios ahead by Pelosi-Schumer to pass the Infrastructure bill and reconstitute the Reconciliation bill. Why progressives will get outmaneuvered again. The lack of additional economic stimulus amid the slowing of the US economy. The show concludes with comments about the continuing problem of Evergrande to the global capitalist financial economy.

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