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Dr. Rasmus dissects the Infrastructure and Reconciliation bills’ latest content. What’s in and what’s out. Are they really ‘paid for’? Or are they funded by ‘smoke and mirrors’? What’s the actual Deficits impact? Why Biden’s Infrastructure Act signed last Monday is not a stimulus and won’t have much effect on the US economic recovery; why the Reconciliation (Build Back Better bill) just voted on in the US House likely won’t pass and if it does will be gutted to around $500B. The show next discusses the emerging Covid 5th Wave and its economic impact and why inflation in the US economy has become structural and not transitory. The show concludes with updates on the US-Mexico-Canada meeting, China’s property financial crisis, and recent developments in the US labor movement with the Deere strike settlement, Teamsters voting, and organizing campaigns at Amazon and Starbucks.

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