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Dr. Rasmus explains exactly what Artificial Intelligence is, how it so far has penetrated business and industries, and what are the various forecasts of its potential impact on jobs the rest of this decade and beyond. The ideology, misrepresentations, and falsifications surrounding the concept: will it produce as many jobs as it destroys? Like previous industrial technology revolutions. Or is it different this time? What occupations will be especially hit hard by AI? How will the AI and nextgen technology revolution now underway affect the future of work and employment in the USA? Dr. Rasmus also briefly reviews last month’ job figures reported this morning by the Labor Dept. Is it really a ‘tight labor market’ being messaged by the mainstream media? Also noted is the Federal Reserve chair, Jerome Powell’s, statement this past week that the Fed will start tapering and raising rates earlier than reported previously. What does that mean for the economic recovery?

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