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 Dr. Rasmus picks up where last week’s show, continuing the discussion of the Anatomy of Inflation in the US and why inflation will continue chronically for months more. Why falling productivity, rising unit labor costs, inflationary expectations, further intensification of sanctions and war in Ukraine will all add to inflationary pressures. Biden’s various failed initiatives to dampen inflation, and rejected alternatives that could address inflation, are discussed. The show next considers today’s just released jobs report, and looks behind the numbers to show the jobs trend is slowing and hiring freezes appearing that will change the direction of this lagging indicator in coming months. Meanwhile wage gains are falling further behind prices and for most workers are much less than the official reported ‘average’ of 5.2% which is skewed by 18% gains for professionals and managers at the top end of the wage structure and for minimum wage hikes needed to attract workers to service jobs again at the low end. The show concludes with a preliminary discussion of the nature of War in general, and economic war in particular, today. (Next week’s show: ‘Russian Sanctions and their consequences’ for EU, US, and global economy’)

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