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 Dr. Rasmus looks at the effects of steadily rising US interest rates, and the US dollar, on key South American economies—Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela—as well as other important emerging market economies like Turkey. How policies of business elites governing Argentina and Brazil wrecking their economies are about to worsen further, due to US monetary and Dollar policies. Argentina and Brazil currencies are now in freefall, provoking capital flight, domestic inflation, and the latest ‘Made in USA’ recession.  Meanwhile, Japan now enters another recession with GDP contracting -0.6% in first quarter and Europe-Germany now slowing dramatically as well (mere 0.3% growth rates latest quarter), as rising oil prices will push the US economy further toward recession in 2019 (as they did in 2008). Rasmus reviews the latest in US trade events re. China, NAFTA, Europe. How US bankers have taken control US trade negotiations with China, not Trump. Why NAFTA deal will be another Korean-like ‘softball’ deal. And how the US may ‘redefine away’ the trade deficit to make it appear something has changed with US trade deficit, when it hasn’t.

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