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Dr. Rasmus addresses the big topic of the week: accelerating inflation now rising 6.2% according to the latest CPI report and fastest in 30 yrs. Rasmus explains why the 6.2% is actually a low estimate. The multiple causes driving it today are explained: global supply chains breakdown, US domestic supply problems, price gouging by US companies with excessive market power, consumer demand, and the role of global financial commodities speculators. Why the latter is driving global crude oil prices to 2008 levels once again and spilling over to US economy as major factor in US domestic inflation.  Rasmus explains why the mostly supply side and commodities speculator driven forces will continue for some time well into 2022. How inflation will slow the US economic recovery as it surges. And why a new causal element driving inflation is now appearing: inflationary expectations. Inflation + slowing economy + no government further stimulus = political wipe-out of Democrats in 2022 midterm elections.

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