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As the Davos WEF gathering occurs this week, big capitalists (Ray Dalio, Tudor Jones, Seth Klarman), central bankers, IMF-World Bank, Bank research houses are increasing raising ‘red flags’ warning of the slowing global economy amidst growing financial market instabilities. Rasmus quotes some of their warnings. The show addresses as well what’s going on in Venezuela as the US raises its pressure on the Maduro regime and its favorite South American Trump admirer, Bolsonaro, president of Brazil declares he’s ready to send troops to Venezuela. What’s behind US escalation against Venezuela. Other topics include evidence of growing impact of US government shutdown on the economy, the latest efforts to scuttle the pending US-China trade talks for January 30, and predictions regarding Brexit and US-China trade. Why recession is increasingly likely in US and global economy by late 2019. (Next week: Updates on US policy re. Venezuela and the initial round of US-China trade negotiations in Washington).

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